STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape is an elastic athletic tape that works like an external ligament to provide extra support and stability for muscles and joints, without limiting range of motion.

Quick Benefits

  • Provide Support & Stability without limiting range of motion
  • Stays on in Water
  • Sticks for up to 7 days
  • STRENGTHTAPE® can assist to:
    • Relieve Pain
    • Increase Circulation and Lymphatic Flow
    • Prevent Injury
    • Recover Faster
    • Reduce Inflammation

How does STRENGTHTAPE® work?

  • Muscle Activation and Support: STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape helps activate muscles and improve the balance and sensory ability of the body to help stabilize joints. Several preliminary studies have also indicated that by activating and supporting certain muscle groups, kinesiology taping may increase muscle activity, muscle strength, ground reaction force, and peak muscle torque.
    • Circulation and lymphatic system: STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape works by facilitating muscle and soft tissue healing and triggering your body’s natural painkillers without interfering with range of motion. Painful, inflamed muscles lack space because of swelling and inflammation. STRENGTHTAPE® works to create space by lifting the skin microscopically. This lifting effect helps to improve both lymph flow and microcirculation, which ultimately helps to cool overheated muscles and flush fluid and waste products away from injured areas. STRENGTHTAPE® also supports damaged muscles and tissues, which helps to relieve discomfort by reducing some of the pressure.

    Why choose STRENGTHTAPE®?

    • Durable
    • Long Lasting
    • AllSport Adhesive
    • Will stick for up to 7 days in any environment including water, sweat, humidity & mud.
    • Perfect Combination of Stretch, Breathability & Adhesion
    • Easy to Apply: step by step videos

    Who is STRENGTHTAPE® for?

    Everyone. STRENGTHTAPE® is perfect for your daughter's soccer game, training for your next marathon, recovering from an injury, or just to get you through the day. STRENGTHTAPE® provides 24-hour relief for hundreds of injuries including lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, shin splints, hip pain, carpal tunnel, etc.

    Why Believe Us?

    We understand the confusion, all of the kinesiology tape companies claim to be “The Best”, so how do you know which one is telling the truth? We decided to run a series of HONEST tests to figure it out. See for yourself!